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Why you need The Easy Read Toolbox

It’s not always easy to explain complex information in an easy to understand way, but The Easy Read Toolbox will be a one-stop site to help you learn and create communication that your audience will appreciate.

Over 40% of Australians read at a primary school level or below. Are you completely confident that people understand your message accurately when you communicate?

Poor communication can result in reduced productivity, lost sales and strained relationships between you and your clients.

Read more of the benefits.

What is Easy Read and who needs it?

Easy Read is a simplified – but not simple – form of writing. Originally for people with intellectual disabilities, it can be easily tweaked to meet the needs of:

  • People with cognitive / intellectual disabilities, including autism and other neurodiversities
  • People with dementia
  • People for whom English is not their first language
  • Those with low literacy
  • and more.

Easy Read is not just about the words you use. Every feature adds to understanding and accessibility, including the images, layout, formatting and white space, definitions for jargon and complex terms and more.

Easy English is another form of writing that is specifically for people with intellectual disabilities. It is even simpler than Easy Read. Many of our tools are suitable for using to write Easy English.

Screenshots of 3 Examples of Easy Read documents. They show text on the right and images on the left.

Who is the Toolbox for?

Dedicated, high-quality, respectful yet time-poor and frugal businesses providing services to people with disabilities, or communicating with people who need it.

The Toolbox provides a single affordable on-demand site for disability services, small businesses and more to learn to write in easy read.

The Easy Read Toolbox is a social enterprise, which means we give as many of our employment opportunities as we can to disabled people. Feedback group members, photographers, models, employees are all currently people with disabilities who are paid well for their expertise.

Left image shows a speech therapist holding an S and pointing at her mouth. A young boy watches her face.
Right images shows a man in a wheelchair smiling at the camera. A woman stands behind, smiling at him.

What does a subscription include?

We will initially offer an image bank, templates, self-paced interactive education modules and the option of review by a group of people with cognitive disabilities.

By the end of 2022 we plan to also provide bespoke writing services, mentoring and a monthly online peer group for ongoing discussion and education.

Prices will range from $300 for an annual subscription for disabled people, carers and individuals for personal use only.

Our early adopters will get a discount for the first year! So make sure you sign up for our email updates or purchase your subscription now so you don’t miss out.

Benefits of using The Easy Read Toolbox

Here are just a few – with Easy Read great for so many people, the benefits are endless!

  • Save time & money
  • Be leaders in inclusion
  • Increase service quality
  • Meet NDIS standards
  • Increased understanding
  • Improved inclusion & choice
  • Paid employment – photographers, graphic artists, models & more.

Behind the scenes – About Karen

Black & white picture of Karen smiling at the camera on the right. To the left of them are The Toolbox icon and a page icon marked as Easy Read.
Karen Hedley loves Easy Read!

Karen Hedley’s 30-year career has been dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights of disabled people. Karen is based in Canberra where she has lived experience with her own disabilities and those of her teenage children.

Karen has a passion for human rights for disabled people, in particular inclusion, accessibility and communication. Started by Karen in 2020, Next Level Inclusion is Karen’s dream day job! She quickly realised that (as much as she wanted to) she couldn’t help everyone who needed Easy Read and Easy English documents. Thus the idea of the Toolbox was born in 2021!

Winner of the 2015 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award for Lifetime Achievement in Support Work, she has provided communication and accessibility advice and creation of Easy Read documents to the recently formed National Disability Research Partnership, St John’s Ambulance Australia, the Disability Royal Commission, Rights & Inclusion Australia, Carers ACT and more.

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